Natural Loban Cups (Incense burning Cups)


Natural & Pure Loban Cups (Benzoin) enriched with Pure Camphor. Pack of 12 Natural Loban Cups including the Pure incense. Used for burning to during Pooja (Prayers) & burning for general relaxation purposes.

The Smoky Aroma that is generated by burning the Loban Cup is therapeutic, anti-bacterial & curative. It helps in enhancing sensorial perception & mental clarity. According to Ayurveda & spiritual concepts, it induces serenity, calm the nervous system, revokes negative thoughts and fosters a quiet mental state. It helps in Spiritual practices by enhancing the consciousness & inner awareness.

The amazing uplifting aroma of Loban is conducive to create soothing ambiance & calm Serenity.

Instructions are mentioned at the back of the pack. 

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