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Below are some common questions about our website:

From your account dashboard you can view your:

  • Recent Orders
  • Manage your shipping & billing addresses
  • Manage & recharge your wallet & referrals
  • Edit your passwords & account Details
  • FYI: Your phone details will be listed in ‘Addresses’

From your account dashboard you can view your:

  • Recent Orders

  • Manage your shipping & billing addresses

  • Manage & recharge your wallet & referrals

  • Edit your passwords & account Details

  • FYI: Your phone details will be listed in ‘Addresses’


Where all do we Ship & what are our shipping Charges ?

We Ship only Within India.

Delivery locations within Delhi NCR have 100% free Shipping although subject to a minimum order quantity of Rs. 320 / Rs. 480 / Rs. 640 or Rs. 1000 . The MOQ applicable in your area will be automatically calculated at checkout after you have filled in your delivery address.

Delivery locations outside Delhi NCR involve a 3rd party courrier shipping and the charges are as per Kg basis depending on your location ranging from minimum Rs.80/Kg to maximum Rs.135/Kg. Also we don’t ship perishable products outside Delhi Ncr region and this could be one of the reasons your checkout page will show a perishable products error message if delivery location is outside Delhi Ncr. In this case you will have to remove perishable items from your list and refresh.

There is an error displayed when i try to check out?

A checkout error can be caused due to multiple reasons. Whatever the particular error, it will be displayed in the auto generated error message when you try to checkout & you will need to resolve it as is displayed.

For the sake of explaining to you we shall divide types of errors into 2 parts:

(1) Primary Errors: Primary errors are displayed in the middle of the check out page. The First & most common errors in this case generally related to data entry errors entered by the customer. For e.g. the most common error is city name needs to be added to its respective field and not in the address field; City name Spelling errors, etc. You must Firstly confirm the correct address is entered by you in the checkout page.

By default the Checkout page will show an address which has been added to your account address’s under Your Account. Once you resolve then simply refresh to check if the error has dissapeared. If the error still persists then its most likely being caused by a Secondary Error.

(2) Secondary Errors: Secondary errors are displayed on the top of the checkout page after you click the Checkout button. These secondary messages are auto generated and will need to be resolved as is what error is generated at the top of your checkout page.

Such errors could most probably be related to (MOQ) Minimum Order Quantity or Incorrect Pincode if delivery location is within Delhi Ncr or if your delivery location is outside Delhi Ncr due then this secondary error could be due to a product added to your cart which is of highly perishable nature and is not capable of being shipped long distance. E.g. Fresh Natural Milk & it’s Products (except Ghee), Natural Vegetables and Fruits,…..In this case You will need to remove such a perishable product from your shopping cart and simply refresh.

Referral Link

What is a Referral Link?

A Referral Link is a Web address URL generated for each member on this site. For example

This Referral Link is part of our Referral Discount program by which every member can avail discounts coupons worth Rs. 150 unlimited number of times by referring us to their friends, families or colleagues, etc.. A single referral will earn the referrer Rs. 150/- per referral. So you can earn Rs. 150 unlimited number of times if you keep referring us to new customers. We do have stories of our members who actually earn rs 20000/- per month just by actively particiapating in our referral program.

How does the Referral link work?

Every member will have their own personal unique referral Link for example & is displayed in their Personalised My Account page in either their Dashboard or in the Referral’s Tab.

Process of using The Referral Link

(1) An Existing Member must provide their personal referral link to their referrals who can then use the same link to register a new user account on their website.

(2) Next, the referrer will then be credited a coupon of Rs. 150 minimum when their referrer places thier first online order on our website. So not only does the referrer have to create a new account via the referral link sent to them but they must also then place their first order.

The process is automated and the referrer can manage and check his list of referrals from within his account page itself. He will be able to ascertain which referrals have actually been able to create a new account via the referral link sent to them and have initiated their first purchase on this site. Also be aware that the referral must not be previously registered with us as then he would not be counted as a new member but rather an old member. The referral link of rs. 150 will be granted only for new customer referrals and not for existing ones.


The process discussed above can also be called a Referral sign up and order Discount:

  1. Referral sign up and order Discount: In addition to the referral sign up from the referrer’s referral link the new referred customer must also make his first purchase (whenever) upon which the referrer will receive the discount coupon of rs. 150/- valid for a period of 3 months.

Note: The referred customer must use the referral link to sign up and create a new account on our website for this to work. It is not necessary that an immediate order be placed by the new referred customer but the discount coupon will be issued to the referrer whenever the new referred customer  decides to make their first purchase.

How many times can an existing member use their personal unique referral link?

An existing Member can use their personal unique referral link unlimited number of times to refer us new customers. This way they can earn infinite number of coupons worth Rs. 150 per coupon. So if the referrer successfully refers 10 new customers via this refer a friend program then the referrer would earn Rs. 150 into 10 coupons = total Rs. 1500/- worth of coupons. 

Even referred members will get their own personal referral link on sign up which can be used by them aswell to further refer us and earn rewards & discount coupons.

It’s a Win Win situation for all our customers & us.

Are there any hidden additional conditions involved ?

Absolutely not. If you have referred us a new customer who has used your referral link to sign up + place their first order then you shall successfully recieve your Discount coupon/s  automatically & immidiately in your account.

There is no limit to earning discount coupons with us. In the rare case, if you ever feel that you have not recieved your coupon automatically then you can always call us and we shall manually do the needful for you.

I don't see my Referral links tab on my account page?

The Referral link feature was added to our website on 1st November 2019. Member Accounts created before this time period will only see their personal Referral Link in their Dashboard inside their My Account page, but will not be able to manage & track thier referrals though they can still earn the discount coupons as explained above. So if you have registered a member account with us prior to 1st november 2019 then you will recieve your discount coupons in your personal email instead of your members account. So you can still earn via our referral link program no matter when you have registered.

Members who have registered their accounts after 1st Nov. 2019 will have an option to manage and track all their referrals by clicking on Referrals from within their My Account page.

My Account details

I cannot see my phone number on my account page?

your phone number is always linked to your billing address phone number and you will need to go to My Account-> Addresses to open your billing address to see your phone details associated with that particuler Billing / Shipping Address.


What modes of payments do you accept?

Currently we accept all modes of payments including debit card, credit card, online banking, All kinds of Wallets, The Way We Were wallet payments,etc.

We also accept Cash on Delivery only for orders within Delhi NCR region. If your delivery location exists outside Delhi Ncr then you will need to pay us in advance before we dispatch the goods via Courrier.

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