The Way We Were is an A2 Milk producing firm & engaged in growing of 100% Naturally grown vegetables alongwith providing very meaningful Health & Wellness food products.

We produce 100% Organic milk as we grow our green fodder by using the Dung Manure & Bio Pesticides… all made from Cow’s Urine. The cows are not injected with any antibiotics & instead are fed on daily basis with natural herbs like Ashwagandha, Jivanti, Shitavari etc. The working place & the cows are sprayed daily with natural formulations comprising Lemon grass, Neem Oil, Tea tree, lavender etc.

Our current production of A2 Milk is being distributed after fresh milking in the morning & evening directly to households in Delhi, Noida & Gurgoan. We also compost large quantities of dung & make Soil Enrichers like Jeev Amrit, Panchgavya not only for making green fodder but also for growing of grown vegetables.

We do not have any Certification but our farms are open to visitors by all. Infact, we welcome all, farmers, students, urban consumers, animal breeders, natural farmalists etc. as we believe that this model should spread as it is perhaps the only way to save ourselves from our deteriorating health.

Our Mission

Our Mission is not only to provide the Organic A2 Milk but also to preserve & improve the Desi Breed of GIR Cows. This way we feel we will protect our future generations by ensuring supply of A2 Organic milk.

Our mission encompasses also integrating Dairy with Agriculture which has been done in the past but somehow we have separated the two. This mission involves producing many Urine & Dung based derived products for Soil Enrichment & Pest Management.

This 100% Natural Organic Farming will lead to Preservation of Cow ,Increase in Farmers Income, Urban & Rural Wellness & will lead to Sustainability of the project.

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