For those of you who combine passions of travelling & farming, we welcome you for volunteering with our On Farm activities.

It is a life enriching experience & sometimes your life can be transformed. There is so much joy in working with Nature & in giving & even more when it is contributing to a great cause.

Having Volunteers is a blessing & we are more than ready to make great use of your talents & energy.

Farms has basic accommodation, a cottage with 2 big Rooms, a toilet & a kitchen. Some tents & some bamboo huts are being planned shortly.

We are vegetarian by choice. We believe that this is not only a farm but a holistic healing centre.

Food is fresh, healthy, healing & homemade because we want to live an alternative lifestyle that tries to distance itself from the consumerism of mainstream society & allows for the growth of community spirit. We choose not to consume any alcohol or drugs at the farm.

We expect the volunteers to accept that the farm is not to having a cheap holiday but it helps one to see that a stress free, disease free, healthy life can be lived devoid of many so called necessities. Hence, volunteers will willingly join in daily farm routine.

We live a typical farm life & organise ourselves according to sunlight. We work outside a lot & are constantly connected to Nature.

We invite & encourage personal initiatives to organise workshops, or create agriculture alternatives, yoga & physical exercises.

You can come anytime during the year & activities are tuned according to the weather.

How Much will it cost you?
The Place you are about to call home
1. Farm Stay per night per person – Rs. 3000/-
2. Farm Stay for 3 nights/4 days with informal Training on Dairy & Agriculture per person.. rs 7500/
4. Farm Stay for 6 nights/7 days with informal Training on Dairy & Agriculture per person.. rs 13200/
Taxes Extra

Your contribution helps us in sustaining our Farm Activates & upkeep a Large heard of Desi Cows, Bulls, Calves & more so helps in our constant research & scientific validation of old traditional knowledge.

What are your requirements ?

– Send us an email so we can meet online & answer your questions

– No prior farming or dairy experience necessary.

– Willingness to work hard

– Pledge to work towards the idea of Natural Farming & Desi cows

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