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School / Colleges

We welcome students for our day programme. Based on the age groups, we can offer different modules/activities.

Here’s a small sample of potential activities.

1.Educating  & talk to children about seasonal farm activities, about the connect between Soil, Nature, Cow, Food, Natural Farming, Wellness etc.

  1. Students sow seeds, make garden beds, make compost, pluck vegetables  from the fields, experience live cooking on Chula.
  2. Pet the Adult Cows & calves &  Massage  & Brush them .
  3. Cut fodder in fields & bring it back on the Bullock cart to the farm & feed the Cows.
  4. Make Cookies (ladoos) & feed the Cows.
  5. Bullock cart Rides/Tractor Rides around the Farm.
  6. To Show Agriculture techniques like Animal Ploughing, Tractor ploughing & explain the difference.
  7. Increase their comfort level with Dung.   
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