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Organic Indian Mushrooms

Genuine Organic Indian Mushrooms. Excellent Choice to add to a Weight loss Diet. Tastes better than any standard mushrooms available in the market. One can use it in Sandwich Fillings, Egg Omelettes, Soups, etc. as well as in Dishes / Subzi’s like Peas & Mushroom Dry or Curry, Carrot & Mushroom mix, etc. One can temper them in Sesame oil, Groundnut oil, Olive Oil, etc. with smashed Garlic & chopped Onions and add salt and many other spices to use as sandwich fillings or in soups. One can also use it in Italian cuisines if you like to make Home made Pizzas, Parantha Pizzas, Mushroom Pickle, Sandwich spread containing grounded mushrooms,  etc.

Very Yummy and tasty and on top of it all its 100% Naturally Grown.

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