Natrual Whole Wheat Atta (Flour)


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Atta, Story about Atta, lactose Caliac Disease etc???? 

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Why over the years a large section of Population has developed Health issues due to Wheat…. & there could be multiple reasons but allow us to highlight 2 reasons.

Firstly, Major Consumption is of Commonwealth sold attas which basically constitutes the inner most core of the wheat grain. This very fine powdery grain can attract Pest in No Time but we still get atta with a shelf life of 3 to 6 months. This increased shelf life is due to Dusting powders (Pesticides) used are well covered by Food Laws & supposedly within human toxin levels. However, this is not the case as toxins accumulated over a period definitely show after a few years. These pesticides & the less nutritive inner most core without the dietary fiber is the main cause of all Wheat related health issues.

We at The Way We Were, freshly grind the Whole Wheat grain to bring the Atta to you without any Preservative.

Secondly, we also produce our own Wheat & balance is sourced from associated farmers engaged in Natural Organic farming. Our main condition is that the associated farmer most have Cows in his field.

As they say, proof of pudding is in eating it, may we then suggest that you try our Atta & see & feel the difference in your health.

Why is the Cooking Medium important?

What are Trans fatty Acids?

What has happened that we are all falling sick inspite Technology & Medical Advances?

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The reason for overall ill health is the rampant use of Refined is misleading. Refined Oils are Solvent Extracted & are often blended with refined Palm Oils. These boils have trans fatty acids which further increase on cooking. We have traditionally consumed Cold Extracted Oils. These Oils without Preservative, without Trans fatty acids provide the Essential Fatty Acids which over bodies cannot produce. Another reason is that Seed Oils are grown Soils nourished by Chemicals & Pesticides whereas our Oil Seeds are grown organically by us & also sourced from associated farmers who also grow organically. As they say, proof of pudding is in eating it, may we then suggest that you try our Cooking Oils & see & feel the difference in your health.

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