Cold Extracted Pure Yellow Mustard Oil


All Cooking Oils are 100% Pure & Cold Extracted with No Blending.

Cold Extracted Pure Yellow Mustard Oil

Why is the Cooking Medium important?

What are Trans fatty Acids?

What has happened that we are all falling sick inspite Technology & Medical Advances?

The reason for overall ill health is the rampant use of Refined is misleading. Refined Oils are Solvent Extracted & are often blended with refined Palm Oils. These boils have trans fatty acids which further increase on cooking.

We have traditionally consumed Cold Extracted Oils. These Oils without Preservative, without Trans fatty acids provide the Essential Fatty Acids which over bodies cannot produce. Another reason is that Seed Oils are grown Soils nourished by Chemicals & Pesticides whereas our Oil Seeds are grown organically by us & also sourced from associated farmers who also grow organically.

As they say, proof of pudding is in eating it, may we then suggest that you try our Cooking Oils & see & feel the difference in your health.

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